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Friday, December 19, 2008

Thankful for Friends, Family, & Great Doctor's

I heard from a wonderful doctor today, Dr. Paul Schulz, Dept. of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas. He was my sister's last doctor there. He was so kind and caring, while helping us understand what was going on with her. He had a challenge as we were over 400 miles away. He and his staff helped this family put a face on the disease of Frontotemporal Dementia.

Since hearing from him today, I can't stop crying....he has meant so much to this family. As much as I have told him all this, he probably doesn't realize it. I am sure he is an angel for many many families.

I am also thankful for friends and family, that have helped me work on getting this information out there and help me plan out 2009.

I am a very blessed individual.

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