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Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting Organized for 2009

Spent part of the day gathering up old notes about my brother and sister....notes of their behaviors before we knew what was going on with them. Mother was very good about journaling and I kept all the online emails and research I was doing early on. I had forgotten how much information I had accumulated.....boxes of internet research on the brain.

I just had to have some time away from it all .... seems selfish I know. I packed all this away during our move back to the East Coast. It is definately time to get it out and use it to help other people.

I know it would have made a world of difference if I had someone to talk with about Frontotemporal Dementia and what my sister was going through.

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McGrury Family said...

Thank you so much for talking to me this afternoon. You are a breathe of fresh air and I am so happy I found you. I know hard hard it is to talk about our loved ones. But it was easy with you, understanding my situation. God bless you and your family.