Our Mission

* Educate healthcare professionals

* Establish a clinic for FTD sufferers

* Support research

Friday, June 29, 2012

Make a Difference - Join us for the next fundraiser to raise awareness for Frontotemporal Diseases

I kept this BLOG up because it put me in touch with wonderful people around the world also faced with the challenges of FTD.  I am proud to say we have come a long way in trying to make a difference.  We formed FTLDA and the reason we went with Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Association is because it is an umbrella term for diseases related to the same area of the brain.  As doctors talk about FTD, invaribly they have to talk about Picks, Progressive Aphasia, Semantic Dementia, and Early onset Alzhiemer's.  We wanted to be inclusive and since there are so many similarieties and diagnosis can be difficult we thought it made sense to include them in our mission to promote education and research.

We have worked on our website   http://www.ftlda.org/  it is looking great.  We really are more of a clinical site, hoping to attract physicians and nurses. 

We need your support, financially and morally!  Please pass the word, tell your family, friends and doctors about us and our mission. 

Here is a group shot after our first Michael Bratton Memorial Golf Tournament in 2011.  Some of Michael and Patsy's children with their babys.  These baby's are what inspire me!  November 2, 2012 is the next tournament.  Please tell your friends.....