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Monday, October 19, 2009

Susan, a Hero Among Us, Fights FTD

When I was first contacted by Susan, I couldn't believe I was talking with a woman living with FTD. Our first conversation was in December of 2008 and I was overwhelmed by her strength and humor.

After what we went through just getting a diagnosis for my brother and sister, I couldn't believe my ears. Could this woman really have the same disease which robbed my brother and sister of their smiles and passion for life?

Susan is funny, smart, and definitely a fighter. She shares her story with doctor after doctor. She was lucky to find a doctor willing to work closely with Susan and develop a large cocktail of drugs which help navigate Susan through her days. Before Susan, I really didn’t see any hope. This disease masquerades as many other diseases in the early years, it is tough to diagnose. I have spoken with so many family members dealing with loved ones suffering with FTD and devastation is always a word used when discussing the disease.

Because of Susan, I see there is hope, lots of hope. Susan is smart, she is a fighter, and she is taking this disease to the mat.

Susan and Cindy continue to work long hours as they approach the completion of the documentary “Planning For Hope”. Most of us will never know the challenges Susan faces daily, and she hopes we don’t…..but if we do, she is leading the way to a better journey.

http://www.ftdtheotherdementia.com/index.html is the website set up to raise additional money for the completion and distribution of the documentary. Every dollar can make a difference, so if you can, please donate.

Susan has been fighting another battle recently, bronchitis. Since her immune system is weaker, she is having a tough time. I am sending lots of prayers your way Susan.