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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thinking about Patsy

This is post I put on FTD Support Forum:

Was thinking about my sister today and how she took up painting, sculpting and drawing when she was older. Her work was so beautiful in the early years and then as the disease was taking over, it became dark and then she couldn't draw or paint the last 5 years of her life.

Her first painting was a small painting of a flower the day her son was born. Then she didn't do anything for years. When she went back to college later in life, she got her degree and then took a art course for fun. She created some beautiful watercolors, they were my favorite.

She saw art in life and then went home and transferred it to canvas or clay. Just before she lost the use of her hands, she tried to draw for me. I wanted a picture to compliment one she had done earlier. She was not able to draw well so she just set it aside and never went back to it.

She had stages of art; watercolor, oil, charcoal, cartoons, cow pies, hearts, bears, trees, 3D art, etc etc....I almost forgot her photography. She did it too. She won a contest with one photo she took of her daughter.

I miss those stages now that they are no longer coming......

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