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Friday, February 13, 2009

Planning For Hope - The Film about FTD

Film company IMS Productions from Colorado Springs is currently working on a documentary “Planning For Hope”. The producers Susan Grant and Cindy Dilks are on a mission of hope in their own right.

At 53 years old, Susan was diagnosed with FTD in 2003, forcing her to quit her financial planning practice. Today, Susan is working harder than ever to make sure the world has a better understanding of this dreaded disease.

Donations are needed to complete the film and handle the distribution. Donations can be made through: SonShine Mountain Retreat, Inc. 2425 Highway 9, Black Mountain, NC 28711. (W) 828-669-8745. Please note donation is for “Planning For Hope”.

Partners for the film include organizations like; Alzheimer’s Association, AFTD, Alliance for Aging Research, Mayo Clinic, University of Pennsylvania, University of Colorado, Raredisease.org, and PositScience.com.

Early diagnosis and a cure some day is their goal with this film. Their dream is to help others.

Please, even if only $1.00. There is never too small of an amount. DONATE and make a difference.

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