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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doctors that Care

The doctors at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas are INCREDIBLE.

We experienced years of doctors telling us we were wrong and nothing serious was going on with my sister and brother. Sometimes doctors got angry because we were telling them our suspicions about what was going on with Michael and Patsy. Battle after battle, you start questioning yourself.

After finding BCM, we were able to stabilize my sister's medications. The fight wasn't over though. We didn't live in Houston, so the doctors where we lived would change Patsy's medications because they thought they knew more than the doctors at BCM Neurology Department. And the local doctors knew NOTHING of FTD until we told them about it.

If you have a loved one and you aren't getting the help you need and you can get to Houston. Go to see Dr. Paul Schulz and his team. This is a teaching hospital, so they want answers. This is a caring group of Neuro Professionals.

I worry when I hear stories where someone is talking about their daughter, husband, son etc and say..."well he is just going through a rough patch" or "maybe he/she is depressed" or "maybe he/she had a stroke" or "I don't understand his/her behaviors" or "could he/she be Bipolar" ... run don't walk to a Neurologist and have them tested. Get a PET scan if you can. I have learned it is even better than the SPECT or MRI.

Seems like when the brain malfunctions, we are afraid. We shy away of diagnosis. Why is that?

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