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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

About Damn Time SSA Fast Track for FTD Patients

Social Security has an obligation to provide benefits quickly to applicants whose medical conditions are so serious that their conditions obviously meet disability standards.

Compassionate allowances are a way of quickly identifying diseases and other medical conditions that invariably qualify under the Listing of Impairments based on minimal objective medical information. Compassionate allowances will allow Social Security to quickly target the most obviously disabled individuals for allowances based on objective medical information that we can obtain quickly.

Commissioner Astrue has held two Compassionate Allowance public outreach hearings. The first was on rare diseases and the second was on cancers. A third hearing on brain injuries is planned for November 18, 2008.

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), Picks Disease -Type A - Adult Is #18 on the list of 50.

It took us 12 months + to get my sister processed. She was able to perform for the doctors early on, so they thought she was just depressed. Not until there was confirmation from a SPECT brain scan, were we able to prove something was happening with her and she couldn't possibly work.

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